Reverend Michael Summers

Wedding FAQ’s

Wedding FAQ’s

How long have you been a Wedding Officiant

I was originally licensed as a Reverened in 1999 from the Holmes Institute, and have been performing wedding services since then.

Who you were ordained by and where is your church?

I was ordained by the United Church of Religious Science in Falbrook, CA. Originally thought as new age, the Center for Spiritual Living believes in all religions, and I am able to perform services for a wide range of faiths.

Can we personalize our own service?

Of course you can! This is your magic day which is once in a life-time. As your wedding officiant, I will help you every step of the way and offer insight and suggestions based on how much you would like my involvement to be. If you would like, I would be more than happy to work with you to massage your wedding vows to one another.

My fiance' and I come from different religious backgrounds, are you able to accommodate both faiths?

This is a great question and one that is often asked. I can perform interfaith services with the perfect blend which addresses both faiths.

Are you able to perform religious weddings?

Yes, I can perform both religious and secular wedding ceremonies.

Do you have to mention the word God or Spirituality in our service?

Definitely! While I am an ordained Reverend, I am here to work with you and create a custom ceremony that is authentic to you and your beliefs, whatever they may be.

Can we involve children in the Wedding Service?

If there are children, I like to highly encourage their participation in the Wedding Ceremony. I believe that conducting a Children Ceremony is crucial when it comes time to blending families together.

How about same sex weddings?

Yes! We work with Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT ) couples almost every week and are happy to marry any couple who wants to commit to each other in matrimony. For more information, check out our LGBT page.


How much do you charge?
My standard rate for weddings is $475 (this includes mileage). This includes our initial consultation, creating your personalized ceremony, and officiating your wedding ceremony.



Do you charge extra for travel?

My rates include travel as long as it is within San Diego County, South Riverside County, and South Orange County. If it is a venue which is well over an hour away, please email me or call (760-728-3222) so we can discuss details.

Do you charge extra for rehearsals?

If you would like to conduct a rehearsal, I charge an additional $100.00 for my time.

Are tips customary for Wedding Officiants?

Tips are always appreciated, but they are never expected!

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