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Other Faith Blessings

Unity Candle ServiceOther Faith Blessings

Other faith blessings is a beautiful way of communing with GOD and the couple being married. There are many faiths which can be honored and incorporated into a beautiful marriage ceremony.

Other Faith Blessings – Ceremony Sample 1

The bread and wine blessing “Honoring our Spirituality” (Catholic / Christian)

We eat the bread and drink the fruit of the vine to honor Jesus Christ who cam to this earth to teach us of our spirituality, that we are sons and daughters of GOD. He was an example for us, showing us how to love GOD and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.  He showed us how to forgive and he proved to us that there is a life after the death of our bodies. We are thankful for these lessons and all that life teaches us through the years. 

______&_______(Couple) Please repeat after me.

I share with you – this bread and wine – to honor the spirit of GOD – that brought us together and makes us one.


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