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House Blessings

House blessings or house healing is conducted by either a religious or spiritual leader who blesses the home to protect those living in the house from challenging and difficult times. There are varying forms of blessings which may vary from each religion and is often an important depending on cultural or religious traditions.

A house blessing is expressing God’s divinity in person.

Reverend Michael Summers



Dear Reverend Michael,

We had such a beautiful wedding.  Not only were we thrilled but we also received exceptional reviews from family and friends!  Many came up to us after the ceremony and said it was thebest they ever attended.  From your special sermon to our heart-felt vows, it seems everyone was astounded by the details and personal touches. We look forward to sharing the beautiful words from our wedding ceremony with our future children.

You are so warm and genuine and full of love. The spirit and power of God comes through youand your work so naturally.  We also cherish the many weeks before our wedding that we spent with both you and Diane working on pre-marital planning. The talks and prayers built such agreat foundation for our now wonderful marriage.  And lastly we truly value our friendship with you and Diane.

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