Reverend Michael Summers

Family Ceremony
“Dear Reverend Michael, We had such a beautiful wedding. Not only were we thrilled but we also received exceptional reviews from family and friends! Many came up to us after the ceremony and said it was the best they ever attended. From your special sermon to our heart-felt vows, it seems everyone was astounded by the details and personal touches. We look forward to sharing the beautiful words from our wedding ceremony with our future children. Sincerely, Laura and Larry Yarchever”
Uniting Families Ceremony

Children CereomonyFamily Ceremony

In a family ceremony, the Bride and Groom may wish to acknowledge their parents or dear family members.  On this occasion, there is a blending of families where family members are acknowledged and joined together in the sacred ceremony. Exchanging vows is a sacred service representing the joining of two families together in matrimony.

Parental Honoring

Bride and Groom want to acknowledge their parents on this occasion, and would you please stand as they offer their profound gratitude to their parents for all the love and care they showed in raising them. The unconditional gifts of love and support that you have continually offered has inspired them to become who they are today, and they thank you, from the bottom of their hearts, for guiding them to this celebration of love here today. Without you, this day would not be possible.

Honoring Deceased Family Members

The Bride and Groom would like to honor their deceased family members and also anyone who could not be here physically. So let us close our eyes and bring to mind these loved ones. We know the love they expressed to this couple in life was special and we know too that they are here with us in spirit at this time; then, you may open your eyes.

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