Reverend Michael Summers

Dove Release Ceremony

“Dear Rev. Michael and Diane,

We thank you for your guiding in planning our ceremony and for the counseling of our future lives together! We loved working with you: we appreciated your counsel and guidance, and you did a perfect job at our ceremony. Our guests were deeply touched! And we love our vase….it’s sitting on our mantle and has gotten plenty of use (in a good way) already!”

All our thanks and best wishes,

–Kelly and Anders Stothman

Dove Release Ceremony

Dove CeremonyDove Release Ceremony

From ancient times, Kings, Popes, Royalty, and grooms-to-be have released or presented white doves as symbols of  hope for the future. A white dove release ceremony creates an atmosphere which young, and old alike are inspired by both the beauty and symbolism that the doves represent.

Dove Release Ceremony   Sample 1

White doves are symbols of Love, Peace, Purity, and hope for the future. White doves pair for life and at the end of each day they return to nest with each other.

As (Couples Names) release these beautiful symbols of love, we ask all family and friends to witness the symbolic nature of this gesture of love. This also represents hope for a beautiful future together.

(Couples Name) we wish you love, peace, and joy, and experience the purity of your new lives together, and that your love for each other will always continue to soar just like the doves.

Dove Release Ceremony  Sample 2

Like married couples, doves do not spend every waking moment together; yet, they always return to the sanctity of their home at the end of each day. Their day’s travels may have been apart, but always return home to be with each other.


COUPLES NAMES, as the doves fly they will carry our wishes for peace, love and hope for your future life together


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