Reverened Michael Summers

Blessing of the Cord

“Reverend Michael & Diane, Thank you so much for making our day so special. We are so happy that you were involved in celebrating our marriage.” With love, –Ceire and Sean Maguire

Blessing of the cordBlessing of the Cord

The blessing of the cord is often in the shape of a figure 8. The rope or cord is frequently used in both the Mexican and Filipino cultures and symbolizes the joining of one.

Blessing of the Cord “To Bind Us Together”
Ceremony Sample

The cord or “Dugal” symbolizes the love, friendship, and commitment that binds the couple together. The figure eight represents the infinite bonds of marriage, a blessed union that will last a lifetime.

(Couple) _________&_________, (Cord Sponsors) __________&____________will lay the cord on you to remind you of your responsibility to hold each other with the tenderness and love that GOD has for his children. Keep the bond of your love steadfast so that you can support one another throughout your life together. And So it is.


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